Paper ID Paper Title
1018-ICCC2020-FULL Convection flow velocity on the surface and depth of the evaporative thin polymeric layers via PIV method
1021-ICCC2020-FULL Investigation of the Effect of Titanium-based Activator on Improving the Performance of Phosphate Conversion Coating Layer
1029-ICCC2020-FULL Corrosion Protection of Mild-steel Substrate via Epoxy-ester Coating Reinforced with Cerium (III)-Tannic acid-based Hybrid Pigment
1030-ICCC2020-FULL Non-hazardous cerium nitrate and tannic acid polyphenolic molecules as a Corrosion inhibitor on the surface of mild-steel
1032-ICCC2020-FULL Corrosion inhibition by off-on fluorescent sensor based on carbon dots for Fe3+ detection
1038-ICCC2020-FULL Eco-friendly coloration of polyester fabric with Prangos ferulaceae natural dye
1044-ICCC2020-FULL Comparison of corrosion resistance and physical tests of polyurethane-based coatings in the presence and absence of conversion coating
1049-ICCC2020-FULL Synthesis of Spherical Cerium Oxide Particles by hydrothermal method
1052-ICCC2020-FULL Porous and functionalized electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers and composite: greywater treatment and removal of metal ions
1053-ICCC2020-FULL Microencapsulation of copper oxide as a biocide with urea- formaldehyde polymer for controlling biocide release from marine antifouling coatings
1062-ICCC2020-FULL Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on magnesium alloy by one-step hydrothermal method
1063-ICCC2020-FULL Reactive magnetron sputtered BiVO4 thin-film as an efficient visible light photocatalyst
1064-ICCC2020-FULL Microstructure and anti-corrosion properties of NbSiC composite coatings fabricated by reactive magnetron sputtering
1065-ICCC2020-FULL An investigation on the relationship between surface roughness parameters and anticorrosion performance of a zinc phosphate conversion coating
1076-ICCC2020-FULL Comparison of properties of aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane coatings
1079-ICCC2020-FULL The effect of the modified graphene oxide-tinuvin (MGO.tin) on the weathering resistance of the polyurethane clear coat
1086-ICCC2020-FULL Development of Silk Twisted Yarns Coated by Polyhydroxybutyrate Nanofibers made in Electrospinning Method as Scaffold
1088-ICCC2020-FULL Application of nanomaterials in seed coatings: A review
1089-ICCC2020-FULL Polyisobutylene Solubility Model Using Hansen Solubility and Maple Software
1092-ICCC2020-FULL Synthesis, Curing Behavior and Thermal Properties of a New Series of Epoxy-Imide Resins for Powder Coatings
1097-ICCC2020-FULL Effects of inorganic fillers on the performance of the water-based intumescent fire-retardant coating
1098-ICCC2020-FULL The effect of GPTMS-modified ZnO Nanoparticles on the weathering performance of Epoxy silicon coatings
1099-ICCC2020-FULL Highly Durable Superhydrophobicity by Tunning Coating Preparation Process
1102-ICCC2020-FULL Preparation of Novel MOF-based Thin Film Coating for Corrosion Protection of Mild Steel; Surface/Electrochemical studies
1104-ICCC2020-FULL Effect of co-solvents on the wettability behavior of indium oxide inkjet inks
1108-ICCC2020-FULL Fluorine containing copolymers: Surface properties study
1109-ICCC2020-FULL Creating special properties in coatings with the application of a novel inorganic base composition
1111-ICCC2020-FULL Synthesis and application of the MBT loaded MOF-LDH@rGO nano-composite for mild steel corrosion mitigation in simulated seawater solution
1112-ICCC2020-FULL The epoxy zinc-rich coatings (ZRCs) mechanical and anti-corrosion characteristics improvement utilizing ZIF-8/polyaniline nanoparticles
1114-ICCC2020-FULL Fabrication and characterization of bacterial cellulose-chitosan magnetic nanocomposites
1115-ICCC2020-FULL Development of a bi-functional self-healing/barrier epoxy composite coating via loading GO@Golpar seed extract-Zn cations nano-platforms
1118-ICCC2020-FULL Synthesis, characterization and hydrolysis behaviour of silyl acrylate terpolymers for use in self-polishing coatings
1119-ICCC2020 Encapsulation of Zinc oxide nanoparticles with polymethyl methacrylate as biocides is an easy strategy to decrease marine pollution
1120-ICCC2020 Synthesis of pH sensitive poly(melamine-formaldehyde) microcapsules containing 8-hydroxyquinoline as a corrosion inhibitor
1121-ICCC2020 Anticorrosion properties of UV-curable epoxy acrylate /montmorillonite nanocomposite coatings
1122-ICCC2020 Fabrication of a novel/intelligent nano-carrier through reduction of graphene-oxide by nature-based green reductants and then modification by Zn2+ cations
1123-ICCC2020 Coating of polyester fabrics with nanostructured magnetic cobalt ferrite
1128-ICCC2020 Preparation of Ni-B-GO nanocomposite coating by electroplating
1129-ICCC2020 Investigation of preparation and morphology of copper-nickel-zinc chromate multilayer coating on steel substrate
1135-ICCC2020 Metal-organic frameworks and their applications in corrosion protection: A comprehensive review
1140-ICCC2020 Is molybdic acid a suitable additive to prevent corrosion of stainless steel in corrosive environment? Experimental and theoretical investigations.
1141-ICCC2020 Carbon nanotube application as a novel anti-corrosive filler for polymeric composites; A comprehensive review
1143-ICCC2020 The impact of thickness on surface waviness in automotive coating
1145-ICCC2020 Novel epoxy-zinc phosphate composite coating filled with Feldspar@Polyaniline anti-corrosive pigment with superior self-healing performance
1148-ICCC2020 Synthesis and Application of Polydopamine as bio-compatible corrosion inhibitor for steel substrate in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution.
1153-ICCC2020 Graphene oxide surface modification with green/biocompatible corrosion inhibitors and application as efficient active/barrier nano-filler
1155-ICCC2020 Effecting of zinc cation on stability and corrosion resistance ZIF-67
1156-ICCC2020 Hydrophobic Graphene Oxide Nano-composite for reinforced concrete and mortars coatings
1157-ICCC2020 Synergistic effect of a hybrid corrosion inhibitor based on Nigella sativa and zinc cations to improve the corrosion resistance of mild steel
1158-ICCC2020 Application of MoO42− modified GO for enhanced corrosion resistance of epoxy coating
1160-ICCC2020 The effect of morphology on the electrical properties of conducting polyaniline-based coatings
1161-ICCC2020 Investigation of the effect of ginger oil on the in situ reduction of graphene oxide nanosheets in epoxy coating and enhancement its hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance on steel substrate
1162-ICCC2020 Time-resolved monitoring of buried hybrid coating/metal oxide interfacial interactions using ORP-EIS combined with FTIR in Kretschmann geometry
1171-ICCC2020 Comparative study of the effect of process parameters on the color properties of black polyester fabrics coated by antistatic agent
1174-ICCC2020 Anti-corrosion Performance of the microporous ZIF-8 Metal-organic Frameworks Synthesized in the Presence of Various Metal-node Containing Precursors in saline solution
1178-ICCC2020 Oxidant-free synthesis of MIL-88/PANI to achieve excellent corrosion inhibition properties in NaCl solution
1183-ICCC2020 Cu-based organic-metal framework loaded with zinc nitrate/benzimidazole inhibitors to improve the corrosion resistance of the mild steel in saline solution
1188-ICCC2020 Hydrophobicity of the Modified Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles
1192-ICCC2020 Construction of Fe(III)/fumarate-based metal-organic framework (MOF) grown on graphene oxide (GO) nanocomposites as an excellent UV blocker for epoxy coatings (ECs): appearance and surface investigation
1193-ICCC2020 The influence of ZIF-67 and its surface functionalization with APS on the weathering stability of epoxy composites
1194-ICCC2020 Synthesis of Antimonate-based Anode and Evaluation of Electrocatalytic and Corrosion Properties For Gas Evolution Reaction in Acidic Media
1196-ICCC2020 Surface treatment of graphene oxide by Ziziphora and Rosa damascena to improve its UV screening property
1204-ICCC2020 A comprehensive study on silane modification of LDH nanoparticles to improve the long-term durability of PU coating
1205-ICCC2020 The studying of weathering stability of PU coatings filled with APTES-treated GO/Zn-Al LDH
1207-ICCC2020 Graphene oxide active anti-corrosion properties improvement through applying green-organic/inorganic inhibitors
1212-ICCC2020 Silicone /Acrylic blended resin as a stone conservation coating
1214-ICCC2020 Synthesis of Hexa Methoxy Methyl Melamine and Optimization Compatibility and Reactivity in Water-borne Systems