Paper ID Paper Title
1020-ICCC2020-FULL Valorization of the leaves of Fig as a Natural Dye on Functionalized Wool Yarns
1023-ICCC2020-FULL Synthesis, Structural Studies and Solvatochromism of from 4-imino-3-(2-arylhydrazineylidene)chroman-2-ones
1024-ICCC2020-FULL The effect of Saunderson correction on applicability of Kubelka-Munk theory in prediction of optical properties of paints with different gloss values
1025-ICCC2020-FULL Evaluation of toxicity of Basic Violet-16 dye during electrochemical process purification from aqueous solutions: Bioassay using microorganisms
1028-ICCC2020-FULL Dyeing of polyester fabric by natural turmeric dye
1031-ICCC2020-FULL Criticism of Application of Simplex Optimization Method for Reconstruction of Reflectance Spectra from Colorimetric Data
1035-ICCC2020-FULL Investigation of Copper (II) ion detection by concentration-dependent multi-color carbon dots
1036-ICCC2020-FULL Determining opacity by machine vision.
1040-ICCC2020-FULL Sonocatalytic degradation of Food colors from aqueous solutions using Fe3O4 nanoparticles/Mn /Graphite
1043-ICCC2020-FULL Study of polyester dyeing behaviour with fluorescent disperse dyes
1045-ICCC2020-FULL Application of efficient photocatalytic process using Fe3O4 /Mn /Graphite composite for removal of Alizarin dye by response surface methodology
1046-ICCC2020-FULL Investigation of the effect of dyeing parameters on the shade obtained from red berry (Morus rubra fruits) dye on silk fibers
1047-ICCC2020-FULL Effect of different dyeing parameters on dyeing of wool fibers with quince (Cydonia oblonga) tree leaves as natural dye
1048-ICCC2020-FULL Dyeing of silk fabric using coffee waste extract with lemon peel as natural mordant
1050-ICCC2020-FULL Solution combustion synthesis of chromite-iron brown pigments: Effect of calcination process
1051-ICCC2020-FULL Synthesis and morphological study of a malachite green-montmorillonite hybrid nanopigment
1055-ICCC2020-FULL A Novel Method Based on the Standard ISO/IEC 24790 to Assess Mottling in Colored Printed Images in Inkjet Printing
1056-ICCC2020-FULL The color concepts influenced by the corona virus COVID-19
1057-ICCC2020-FULL Dependency of colorimetric attributes of non-metallic black automotive finishes to the type of measuring device
1058-ICCC2020-FULL Algorithm for segmenting overlapped blisters of coatings in images similar to human perception in quality control of coatings
1059-ICCC2020-FULL Algorithm for grading blisters of coatings: A comparison with the visual inspection
1075-ICCC2020-FULL Synthesis, characterization and near infrared reflectance properties of a novel perylene pigment
1080-ICCC2020-FULL The effect of Ag decoration on the photocatalytic performance of doped-Bi2WO6 for environmental applications
1082-ICCC2020-FULL Reduced 1D-TiO2 Nanorods: Improved Visible-Light Absorption
1084-ICCC2020-FULL Spectral characterisation and computational studies of some new 3-(2-arylhydrazineylidene) benzo[h]quinolin-2,4(1H,3H)-dione dyes
1095-ICCC2020-FULL A novel approach for display calibration using a digital camera
1105-ICCC2020-FULL Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles
1106-ICCC2020-FULL Preparation of Fe-doped TiO2 nanocomposite for photocatalytic decolorization
1117-ICCC2020-FULL Removal of Methylene Blue of Textile Industry Waste with Modified Hydrogels/Nano Chitosan
1136-ICCC2020 Fe-based metal-organic framework (MIL -53(Fe)) as a porous dye adsorbent from wastewater
1137-ICCC2020 Selective detection of Hg2+ ions in aqueous solutions using rhodamine-based nanofiber probe
1138-ICCC2020 Naked-eye detection of cobalt ions applying chitosan/PVA dual polymer nanofiber mats
1139-ICCC2020 Using the SCI-SCE color measuring geometry to compare the polypropylene BCF and CF yarn’s color appearance
1144-ICCC2020 The Effects of Two Types of Silicone Resins on The Color Depth of Dyed Polyester
1163-ICCC2020 Comparison of copper aluminate synthesis in acidic and alkaline environments
1164-ICCC2020 Investigation of the effect of fuel type on the solution combustion synthesis of copper aluminate pigment
1165-ICCC2020 The effect of calcination temperature on copper aluminate and Investigation of crystallinity structure and formation of crystals
1166-ICCC2020 Synthesis of vanadium containing zircon nanopigments by microwave-mediated polyol method
1167-ICCC2020 Synthesis and investigation of optical behavior of ZnO @ ZnAl-LDH pigments against UV radiation
1169-ICCC2020 Study on the performance of a dye-clay hybrid nanopigment in water-based flexographic ink formulation
1170-ICCC2020-FULL Investigation on the effect of picking mechanism on physical and color properties of polyester woven fabrics
1172-ICCC2020 Preparation of screen edible indicator ink based on Beetroot and natural thickeners
1173-ICCC2020 The study of aqueous dispersion of disperse dye and dispersion stabilization for inkjet ink application
1176-ICCC2020 Smart polymeric label based on polymerizable sensitive dye to monitor the freshness of fish packaging
1179-ICCC2020 Preparation of black sublimation transfer inkjet ink and investigating the colorimetric properties of transferred prints on polyester textile
1180-ICCC2020 Investigation on the effects of yarn structure on dyeing and finishing properties of polyester woven fabric
1181-ICCC2020 Effect of metal ions on optical properties of metal-organic frameworks
1182-ICCC2020 Reflections on intersections of Color and Philosophy
1184-ICCC2020 Graphene quantum dot incorporation in the zeolitic imidazolate framework: Synthesis and improving the adsorption ability in liquid phase
1185-ICCC2020 Green synthesis polyvinylalcohol@GO@ZIF-67: an efficient MOF composite for effective MG dye removal
1186-ICCC2020 Enhancing the performance of commercial activated carbon using metal-organic frameworks for the removal of organic pollutants from textile wastewater
1187-ICCC2020 Green Synthesis ZIF67 combined with Activated Carbon and Copper Oxide: A porous adsorbent for Cationic and Anionic Dye
1199-ICCC2020 Muonic imaging simulation to identify radioactive materials and explosives using Geant4 software
1201-ICCC2020 Development of tricarbonylrhenium(I) complexes as photoactive agents for luminescent materials and phototherapy
1202-ICCC2020 Efficient One-Pot Preparation of 2,4-Dichloro-substituted Pyrano[2,3‑d] pyrimidines and Furo[2,3‑d]pyrimidines Mediated by Ceric Ammonium Nitrate in phosphorus ionic liquid
1211-ICCC2020 Hydrophobic blue ceramic nanopigments based on heulandite-Na zeolite and coating on the ceramic tile surface
1215-ICCC2020 Application of pistachio hull as an agricultural waste and natural mordant in dyeing of wool yarn
1219-ICCC2020 Berberis thunbergii DC leaves as a natural dye for dyeing of wool yarn
1220-ICCC2020 Synthesis of Alkyl Nitrile Derivatives by Phosphorous Ionic Liquid Under Solvent Free Conditions
1221-ICCC2020 Design and fabrication of CdS@NiCo-LDH combined electrocatalyst coating by adjusting electronic structure and interface engineering of layered double hydroxide