Color and measurement: Colorimetry, color difference, photometry, color theory, instrumentation, quality control, color matching, optical properties of materials

Color and Appearance: Gloss, DOI, haze, texture, translucency

Color and imaging: Reproduction, management, digital color correction, color image processing, image quality, displays, graphics, multispectral and hyperspectral imaging

Color and Vision: Artificial vision, video production, photography, printmaking, and 3D print, virtual reality

Color and Lighting: Light Sources, metamerism, color rendering, adaptation, color constancy, illusions, memory color, lighting design, lighting technologies

Color and Physiology: Mechanisms of vision, deficiencies, abnormalities, clinical and biological aspects, synesthesia, health

Color and Psychology: Color culture, color aesthetic, color education, color experience, color emotion and preference, color harmony

Color and design: Color in product design, Color in fashion, Color environment, effective color